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A Dead-Simple Approach To Getting Photography Clients Part 1 and 2

You market to strangers differently than your friends and family. Or at least you should.  Matt explains these differences and helps you understand the most effective way to market to both groups.  

Part 1 is focused on  the fundamentals of marketing, how these apply to social media in 2019 and the number one way to convert strangers in social media to customers and not have them ask about price.  

Part 2 is focused on how to market to current customers.  Not past customers but current, in the process customers.  Use social media to get them to show up to the consultation with the right questions.  Get them to show up to the session dressed perfectly and most importantly, get them to show up to the order appointment ready to buy products and with fewer questions. 

If you are looking for a way to hook customers, grow your sales, wow your current customers and create a system that is less work for you, this class is for you.  

Meet Matt

Matt and wife Allison own Allison Ragsdale Photography in Durango, CO. Allison never wanted to do anything besides be a photographer. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and began work as a photographer right out of college. Their profitable studio supports both of their incomes.

Matt's path to owning the studio was less direct. In college, he managed a camera store where he met Allison. When they moved to Durango, he taught high school math. In the studio Matt's role is not behind the camera but tackling marketing and studio operations. He knows that his management expertise, teaching skills, and marketing know-how will help you in your journey to success.

In reality Allison Ragsdale Photography faces the same business struggles as yours. Their studio has a lot of competition. It can feel like everyone in the area is a photographer; know the feeling? Over time, Matt discovered how to refine and promote their products to attract and retain customers. Matt’s goal is to share what he has learned along the way with you, helping you focus on your business and make a difference for your family. When you can make money doing what you love, you can stop struggling and start enjoying your work again.

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